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Introduction to Advanced Analytics for Big Data

SSA Workshop: Introduction to Advanced Analytics for Big Data

Learn the foundations of Big Data and Advanced Analytics and discover how to navigate this fast-developing field to make your business more competitive and bring new opportunities for revenue growth.


SSA & Company offers a two-day workshop for leadership teams who are looking to strengthen their understanding of Advanced Analytics and plot a path forward. We customize the session for the relevant industry to help participants develop ideas for their own business.



    • A grounding in Big Data and the types of business opportunities it brings
  • Case studies illustrating applications of Advanced Analytics
  • Breakout session – think through the data needed for a business opportunity
  •  An understanding of the key techniques of Advanced Analytics
    • Data Collection, Cleansing, and Storage
    • Data Mining, including case study on Clustering (identifying similar items) and Association Rule Mining (identifying items that are often associated with other items, e.g. for parts needed for a repair) with RapidMiner Advanced Analytics software
    • Predictive Analytics, including hands-on case study building a Decision Tree with RapidMiner (predict an outcome based on a large set of historic data
    • Common pitfalls when building predictive models and how to avoid them
    • Introduction to Text Analytics
      • How text is prepared for analysis
      • Introduction to Sentiment Analysis
      • Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • Advanced Visualization techniques including practice exercises
  • How to launch an Advanced Analytics initiative with case study on implementation


Who Should Attend?

This session is designed for senior leaders who are looking to find ways to gain competitive edge through Advanced Analytics.


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David Hampton, Advanced Analytics Practice Lead
+44 7917 717440