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Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Although the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology is excellent for solving operational and business process issues, it does not address how to create new or overhaul existing products, processes, or services to achieve high levels of performance from the outset. For these situations, SSA & Company offers a Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) course that builds upon Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to design innovative processes and products that fuel operational excellence.

The SSA Difference

Our two-week Design For Six Sigma Certification curriculum teaches participants how to learn and apply techniques related to capturing the Voice of the Customer (VOC), requirements flow-down, process capability rollup, balanced scorecards, continuous and discrete simulation, experimental design, and invention technologies. In addition, the Design for Six Sigma Certification offering includes 20 hours of project execution support. The two weeks of training are separated by a five- to ten-week application of Breakthrough Design for the participants’ individual projects. During the application weeks, DFSS Black Belts are supported and mentored by an assigned Project Champion, who also reviews and critiques the DFSS Black Belts results along with the instructor and classmates.

Who Should Take This Course?

DFSS Certification course participants must be certified Black Belts and are required to come to class with at least one project that will be completed over a 12- to 18-month period.


  • Ability to lead teams in creating new products, processes, or services to achieve high levels of performance
  • Ability to lead teams in overhauling existing products, processes, or services to achieve high levels of performance
  • Ability to collect precise and detailed customer requirements, translate those requirements into design parameters, then optimize settings for those design parameters through experimentation and simulation
  • Ability to lead and/or facilitate innovative projects while developing robust breakthrough designs for products, services, and processes that perform flawlessly on launch

Course Requirements:

  • Attendance at all 10 days of classroom training
  • One or more projects that can be completed within 12 to 18 months from the start of training
  • Black Belt Certification (attended training and completed at least two projects); proficiency in the core Lean Six Sigma tools
  • Windows-based laptop computer with a CD-ROM (participant must have access to the laptop throughout the training)
  • Minitab v.16 (loaded on laptop prior to attending training)

Design for Six Sigma Price (US): $8,000

Registration Fee Includes:

  • Ten days of classroom training (two five-day sessions separated by five to ten weeks)
  • 24 hours of project execution support, to be delivered remotely unless otherwise agreed upon; must be used within 18 months from the start of training
  • A set of electronic documentation covered during the training
  • The Design For Six Sigma Memory Jogger
  • Certificate of Participation for individuals who complete training
  • Certification for participants who meet DFSS certification requirements
  • Daily continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and snacks ‡

‡ Daily breakfast provided for U.S. based classes, only.