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Advanced Analytics I
SSA & Company has partnered with InfomatiX to develop this new program to help managers understand how to use data science and advanced analytics to drive greater and faster insights to move the business towards better decisions. This two-week course is designed for business managers who want to build the foundation needed for working hands-on with big data analysis tools and techniques. Participants will learn how to leverage a data-driven decision making framework to go from raw data to information to insight to action. Our goal is to close the culture gap between business managers and data/technology teams, providing managers with the skills required to lead data teams and identify opportunities and drive them forward efficiently and effectively.
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SSA Workshop: Introduction to Advanced Analytics for Big Data
Learn the foundations of Big Data and Advanced Analytics and discover how to navigate this fast-developing field to make your business more competitive and bring new opportunities for revenue growth. The agenda of this workshop moves briskly through the basics of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, and then dives into key areas such as Cleansing Data, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, and Visualisation techniques. At the close, participants will generate a list of potential applications that are specific to their industry to help guide them towards success in Advanced Analytics. To view the details of the workshop, please click here.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
The first two weeks of the four week Black Belt program is designed for those seeking a Green Belt certification with mentoring to help candidates discover how key Lean Six Sigma tools are blended, sequenced and applied to solve their business problems.
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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
An accelerated training and coaching certification program for those looking to earn their Black Belt.  The course provides additional one-on-one coaching and mentoring support and results in tangible closed project savings of $500K. Learn More…

Six Sigma Black Belt Bridge Program
This two-week course is for those students who have already completed Green Belt training by SSA or another reputable provider and want to save time and money on their Black Belt Certification.  Learn More…

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification
A rigorous development and certification program for managing Black Belts that have been selected to lead their respective businesses through process improvement and process redesign activities.  Learn More…

Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) Black Belt Certification
A DFSS certification program focused on innovation design or redesign of processes/products/services by understanding the Voice of the Customer, requirements flow-down, innovative design technologies and process capability roll-up. This program is designed as an extension of Black Belt certification. Learn More…


Custom Training Options

A Variety of Business Process Improvement Courses, Tailored to Your Needs

In addition to the process improvement training courses and Lean Six Sigma Certifications, we deliver a variety of our own unique business process improvement courses that focus on helping your organization realize quantifiable, business results. Some examples include: 

  • Change Capacities: Our change leadership program focuses on improving your ability to influence, lead and support any change initiative at your organization and understand the tactical steps required to ensure solutions are implemented and results are achieved.  
  • Practical Lean: Lean principles, tools and techniques have proven to be very effective at identifying and eliminating waste and non-value-added activities in existing business processes. Applying Lean methods requires a hands-on approach of literally walking the process. 
  • Innovation Expert: Unfortunately, the increased focus on cost cutting and process efficiency has caused many firms to push innovation to the sidelines, effectively allowing the need for near-term efficiency to undermine long-term growth potential.  This doesn’t have to be the case.  Innovation, when approached in a systematic and structured fashion, can, and does, enable real and measurable business results. 
  • Integrated Business Leader Workshop: A “Mini-MBA” course designed to provide a unique blend of training and hands-on application and to align business acumen with modern process improvement tools. 

To discuss a custom training option for your organization, please contact us.