Building Capabilities in Your Organization

Successful businesses need employees who understand and deliver tangible, bottom-line benefits and sustainable process improvements. To help develop your people and ensure that you achieve results, we’ve created the most effective Open Enrollment Lean and Six Sigma training programs available.

Six Sigma Academy: the originators of Six Sigma, the first data-driven management philosophy

SSA & Company was founded as the “Six Sigma Academy” in 1994 by the creators of the Six Sigma revolution at Motorola. We taught companies like GE, Allied-Signal, Ford, Dow, Toyota Financial Services and DuPont how to achieve a higher level of quality with substantially lower costs. Since then, we have developed and delivered process improvement training for two decades to tens of thousands of individuals at hundreds of companies around the globe, and we have helped them achieve billions of dollars in benefits.

Transform your company’s capabilities with SSA’s new Advanced Analytics training

Building on 20 years of expertise in enabling data-driven organizations, SSA & Company has partnered with InfomatiX – the fastest growing BI and mobility provider in Europe, who has worked with companies like P&G, Microsoft and General Mills – to develop our new Advanced Analytics training program. >> Learn more.

Meaningful bottom-line benefits and cost-reductions that you and your CEO want to see

We have seen classroom lectures and e-learning become the accepted standard.  But these methods alone do not fully prepare students for the challenges inherent in real-life business situations.  Instead, it is the hands-on project management work that happens outside the classroom and on the company floor that is critical to the development and growth of process improvement leaders. Our Master Black Belts and Data Scientists partner with you and provide one-on-one training and mentoring. We want our students to do more than “know the textbook”; we want them to think beyond the frameworks and understand how to achieve results.

Progressive Curriculum: the best classroom experience, less time and resources, and lower costs

Both learners and their companies have been thrilled by the results of Progressive Curriculum. Through this model, our students can easily “upgrade” their training from Green Belt to Black Belt, or Advanced Analytics I to Advanced Analytics II etc., by taking and paying for only the additional weeks of training they need to reach the new level of expertise desired. Also, students don’t have to repeat a lot of material as they move from one level to the next. Finally, because individuals pursuing Lean Six Sigma and Advanced Analytics expertise come together into a single learning environment, students have greater dialogue with each other and are exposed to a broader range of issues and project examples. This greatly enhances their practical understanding of classroom material while creating a dynamic and interactive atmosphere that is otherwise not found in typical Lean Six Sigma or Advanced Analytics training.

A Variety of Business Process Improvement Courses

We deliver a variety of our own unique business process improvement courses that focus on helping your organization realize quantifiable, business results. >>View Course List

Six Sigma Academy / SSA & Company Training Network

When you enroll in our training program, you’re entering into a decades-long tradition of unparalleled Lean Six Sigma training.  Your community starts in the classroom and grows to incorporate all of our students over the years.  Whether you’ve been trained in the past or simply want to engage in a dialogue among our alums, we welcome you to our LinkedIn group.  >>Join Training Network