Nick Kramer
Vice President, Applied Solutions

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Nick has built his career on utilizing innovative tech and data to drive measurable results, from building some of the first commercial websites to delivering AI solutions that empower individuals and communities. He’s driven growth and reduced cost – often simultaneously – in startups, multinationals, and as a consultant, in almost every industry and link of the value chain, delivering solutions that create sustainable impact and value for the business, for people, and for customers.

Nick previously stepped back from a full-time role at SSA & Company to lead digital strategy for Planet Smart City, the global leader in building smart affordable housing in emerging markets, deepening his technical knowledge while empowering underserved communities in Brazil and India. There, Nick used technology to deliver measurable impacts related to Planet’s ambitious Environmental, Social, and Governance mission. He helped lead the design and launch of Planet’s SaaS platform, integrating IoT, Web3, and community collaboration features into a comprehensive solution for residents and property managers. Nick also led the development of an ecosystem of global partnerships with key tech and financial services firms and in-market partnerships with national and neighborhood retailers and service providers.

Above all, Nick’s experience at Planet reinforced his belief that it is the connection to people that gives technology its value. That lesson is the heart of Nick’s role as he continues his journey at SSA & Company, where he partners with clients to create true change and deliver ROI by eliminating technical debt and applying best-fit technology to solve business problems.

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