Optimized European Financial Services Business’s Operations Through Transformation of Core Processes

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The fragmented and siloed European Financial Services business aimed to optimize their operations through a transformation of their core processes across 10+ countries in Europe. The project objective was to improve customer service, enable better decision making, and increase efficiency. SSA & Company partnered with the client, identified over 15% in potential benefits which were committed to, and was asked to drive the transformation.

In March 2020, the client was forced to close their offices due to COVID-19 and moved staff to work remotely. The Client and SSA & Company faced many challenges but were still able to maintain momentum and execute a program with over 50+ experts across multiple countries.

SSA & Company helped the Client pivot towards remote transformation, leveraging several techniques, including:

  • Cleary defining short-term priorities and accountabilities
  • Deploying agile four-week ‘sprints’, allowing teams to focus on short-term achievable goals
  • Embedding structured meetings with clear purpose across all management layers and teams to track progress and rapidly address any issues
  • Utilizing digital collaboration tools to conduct multi-geography workshops for the detailed design of processes and controls (e.g. live co-creation of level 5 process maps)
  • Engaging and supporting all team members to maintain morale in challenging personal and professional times

SSA & Company successfully drove the transformation program remotely minimizing any interruption to the delivery timeline, ensuring benefit realization remained on plan.

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