Identifying the Growth Springboard for a $700M Global Chemical Supplier

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A private equity firm acquired a mid-market, global chemical supplier. SSA & Company partnered with the private equity firm and portfolio company management team to guide the acquisition of another mid-market, global manufacturer of specialty fluids for the metal working industry. SSA & Company designed and implemented the commercial and operational improvement program for the platform business, focused on asset and SG&A optimization, and supply chain consolidation. Upon acquisition, the team performed a target assessment and Operational Due Diligence, Integration Planning and PMI, and supported the lender presentation. SSA & Company then worked with the merging companies, planning all aspects of integration, and preparation for a seamless Day One. SSA & Company’s three-year partnership with the firm resulted in a successfully executed roll-up strategy for the specialty chemical business that led to significant value: EBITDA benefits of $26-$34M and $35M in a one-time cash release, $25-$33M in synergies captured between merging companies, and achievement of budgeted EBITDA despite 30% reduction in volumes and an SG&A reduction of 20%+.

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