Transforming the Operating Model for a Global Leading Insurance Firm

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The COO of one of the world’s leading insurance firms wanted to double the company’s margin in three years. The firm’s service and staffing models had built up, resulting in high degrees of variability in customer value, service delivery, and economics. The firm employed SSA & Company to solve its key challenges (large and expensive workforce, no standardization of processes, archaic and inefficient IT, and low productivity) and re-define how the company operates.

SSA & Company conducted a bottom-up process mapping, tying key activities to economics and organizational structure and identifying multiple gaps in the system and functional groups. The team utilized a data-driven assessment to break through institutionalized complacency. The firm was evaluated through external benchmarking, focusing on best practices and providing PMO oversight to the process.

Through high-impact analytical rigor, SSA & Company identified $100M in benefits and defined a new operating model for the entire middle office, redefining how every transaction is processed. The execution map detailed project plans, resource estimates, deliverables, and identified risks and mitigation strategies.

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