Unlocking Revenue & Reducing Costs through a Post-Acquisition Operations Strategy for a $1B Healthcare Services Company

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A healthcare technology firm acquired a healthcare analytics and services firm and engaged SSA & Company to create an operations strategy to achieve planned synergies. The acquired firm declined in growth and profitability immediately after the acquisition. The company had multiple business units, with divergent business models and financial performance, that faced strategic headwinds and were not positioned to operate efficiently.

SSA & Company examined operations across major business units, creating high-resolution views of production costs and labor performance, and evaluating capabilities needed to remain competitive. The team identified opportunities to unlock growth through re-engineering restrictive policies that were eliminating potential customers. SSA & Company also found opportunities to reduce labor through increasing throughput utilization, rationalizing locations, and offshoring low-skill labor. The team developed an operations transformation strategy focused on streamlining organizational structures, optimizing production economics, and growing the business through new delivery capabilities. The strategy generated 5% incremental revenue growth and reduced operating costs across the enterprise by 28%.

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