Speeding Time to Market to Drive Growth for a $1B Electronics Original Design Manufacturer

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A $1B electronics original design manufacturer sought to identify opportunities to accelerate its product development through improved process, governance, and planning supported by advanced analytics. SSA & Company sought to do two major overhauls, re-engineering the product development processes and the product development analysis tools. The team upgraded legacy processes to be more agile and altered specific process steps to drive both greater quality and speed. Additionally, SSA & Company optimized project portfolio to reduce overloading and provided tools to support more data-driven program management.

The re-engineered processes and new analytics optimized the project portfolio and improved program and resource management, driving productivity and time benefits. Productivity and time to market improvements were set to yield top-line benefits of $40-80 million per year for an otherwise zero growth business, a 1.4-2.7% CAGR in revenue.

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