Enhancing Operational Performance at a Leading Global Generics Pharmaceutical Company

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A pharmaceutical company faced challenges meeting business objectives and remaining competitive in a price-sensitive market. The company sought to reduce costs, inventories, and cycle-times; increase capacity in various plants; improve poor plant and customer service levels, while upgrading the skill set of its workforce.

SSA & Company conducted financial and operational assessments in manufacturing plants that identified high-leverage improvement opportunities, as well as $14 million in savings for one plant. The team developed and implemented future state processes, methods, KPIs and dashboards, and controls that allowed leadership to track and sustain improvements, aligned with the business goals.

The project led to a 0.4% sales increase in the first year and a total increase of 2.7% in the next year. Additionally, the product cycle was reduced from 85 to 25 days, gross inventory was reduced by 41%, 66% of work in progress inventory was reduced, plan product availability increased from 84% to 99% and customer service satisfaction levels increased from 69% to 95%.

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