Achieved Operational Excellence for a National Oil & Gas Producer with Around 10,000 Active Wells Across 209 Oil Fields and 55 Gas Fields

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SSA & Company worked with a mature organization with declining recovery from fields, operating aging assets, and resource constraints. With the number of active wells expected to increase by 50% in a 10-year period and 1 mega project coming on stream each year until 2021, the complexities of operations were expected to increase—an additional 65% in the amount of water used and the need to increase gas handling capacity by 35%. Further complexity was given by the expected two-fold increase in chemical consumption and the need for 40% more people.

Taking all of these factors together meant that operating costs would significantly escalate by over 67%.

For this project, SSA & Company deployed a team of consultants across the business in Exploration, Operate & Maintain, Well Delivery, Well Reservoir Management, Finance, Contracting and Procurement, People, HSE, & Project Delivery. The team conducted an end-to-end analysis of the company’s operations and evaluated the organization’s readiness for change before developing a value-based deployment plan. The insights derived from this analysis enabled the team to develop solutions to improve asset reliability and uptime, reduce time to first oil, increase productive use of assets, increase process safety, and reduce waste. The team also engaged in a capability build and skills transfer to ensure the culture of continuous improvement was embedded in the company culture. As a result, the organization achieved $1B in benefits through revenue enhancement and cost reduction.

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