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Our Difference

Consulting projects often fail. Too often, they’re not synced to the company’s strategy or they are too theoretical. The result isn’t ROI, but wasted investment, time and strategic position.

SSA & Company begins by understanding its clients. We are students of your circumstances and your needs.

We have built our reputation on fast execution, exceptional value-capture, and sustainable change. We center our work on strategy alignment, process, data, talent, and technology. We identify – and fill – alignment gaps with high-impact value creation activities.

We bring you competitive advantage through world-class strategy execution.

What is World Class Strategy Execution?

A $2B services company was looking to move towards a digital operating model as more customers were moving away from physical locations and towards online channels.

As the company began this transformation, SSA helped it design a plan that would answer these questions:

  • How do we begin to know how to reduce our physical locations?
  • How do we switch from a regional based P&L (driven by physical locations) to a product line P&L?
  • How will this impact our shared services?

This is where most strategy firms finish their engagements, a PowerPoint deck. At SSA, we are experts in the minefield of execution. Not only did we help the firm actually make the transition, we increased its overall speed and effectiveness in execution of change. Applying our four lens service model was critical for this – as it allowed us to design and execute a change plan that accounted for the constant interplay between process, people, technology and data.

We helped our client understand common pitfalls of execution, for example:

  • Getting sequencing right.
  • An end-to-end view of the organization.
  • An understanding of the key activities that drive a business that includes both “hard” and “soft” wiring.
  • Real culture change.
The best organized plan, executed at the wrong sequence, will fail. Understanding how to roll-out transformation changes will help avoid service disruptions and poor service levels which can significantly impact customer relationships. Our assessment of demand, services and roles/responsibilities at each location allowed us to identify which locations to close first and how.
It is relatively easy to execute a plan to one dimension – but hard to balance efficiency, economics and customers all at the same time. We designed and executed a new shared services model that leveraged scale to deliver important cost savings while maintaining enhanced service levels. Call centers, for examples, would need to be prepared for a spike in demand, with more customers calling in for sales, questions, billing, etc. as physical locations close.
With a new centralized organizational structure, how would the firm avoid losing tribal wisdom from the field that may have provided the “glue” to the legacy organization? We created a new operating model that mapped staff and activities to a new digital environment, including both client facing and support activities.
We’ve seen the best theoretical plans miss their goals because they were designed without the practical understanding of what will work within the client organization. We translated the new operating model into financial terms to set an aggressive operating cost goal. In parallel, we defined new operating and financial metrics to help the organization keep track of progress. We did this by understanding the current state and bringing the client organization along with us.

What We Bring to Our Clients

High ROI, delivering 10X ROI in 90-day cycles. Not only does every project charter we develop have a clear ROI, we also measure ROI on every individual performance review of our team members.

Enhanced capability for results that stick. Over 20 years we’ve learned you can’t do operations transformation to a client, you have to do it with a client. That’s why we’ve built our practice on a light footprint and world-class training and knowledge transfer for lasting results.

Speed & Agility in tackling high-value opportunities. We target fast-cycle process improvements by defining clear short-term initiatives and longer-term milestones.

Advanced Analytics with our proprietary assessment tools and approach enable us to identify and quantify value creation opportunities. With the advent of big data, we bring Hadoop, python capabilities.

Sustainability of change. For many clients, our work has provoked a self-funding transformation model, leading to increased profits that provide further diagnostic investment.

Guarantees in our services. Our fees are linked to returns. We are confident in our work, and we look for opportunities to put fees at risk and invest in our projects. We engage in private equity fund investments and JVs.

Access to preeminent global CEOs. Our G100 Companies provide unparalleled perspective on the business landscape and top CEO priorities.