SSA & Company in North America

The business environment in North America is at a critical inflection point. Influential companies emerge and scale at unprecedented rates. Yet the gap between market leaders and laggards widens daily.

Industry contraction and M&A coupled with fragmented workforces add ever-growing complexity. Early digital adopters and pure plays have built ambidextrous organizations, leaving many legacy companies scrambling to recapture lost share and talent. Early majority companies have an opportunity to quickly regain their lost luster by rapidly and strategically digitizing. Yet many traditionally slow-moving legacy companies are bound by short-term focus, creating contradictory forces and new challenges.

SSA & Company works with major multi-national companies based in North America and international companies with significant North American operations to propel their performance.

Fueled by decades of on-the-ground regional experience and advised by a group of former North American CEOs and board directors, we have a deep understanding of the culture and business context that allows companies to thrive.

"The SSA & Company team members are all highly-knowledgeable, insightful, and added immeasurable value for the senior management team. These are highly-proficient business people who consistently offer tangible and actionable input. Before knowing them, I was highly skeptical of consultants from personal past experience. I respect this company and every member of its team."

Bill Curcio, Chairman, Risk Management
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