SSA & Company in Middle East – GCC

The oil market is undergoing fundamental change. New technologies are increasing the supply of oil from old and new sources while rising concerns over the environment are seeing the world gradually moving away from using oil. This spells a significant challenge for oil-exporting countries, including those of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) who account for a fifth of the world’s oil production.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) economies have evolved significantly over the past decade, but further diversification is important.

Having immediate access to operational and financial data, and understanding key business levers that drive Economic profit will be critical to success for both traditional Oil & Gas companies and those in newly diversified business sectors.

The situation is further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic which has provided a fundamental shock to the system, changing the dynamics of business. Many existing supply chains have been rendered ineffectual and remote working has become the norm for several functions.

To compete, companies must dramatically transform their operating models, supply chain practices, cost structures, and workplace design.

We leverage our deep and pragmatic Operational Excellence experience along with digital and model building capabilities to provide insights that simplify tasks and drive operational improvements that help companies capitalize on the new reality afforded by the uncertain landscape.

“We generated US$511 million through cost saving, revenue generation, and cost avoidance, adding up to a total of almost US$1 billion in benefits since our Lean journey began. What’s more, we have also liberated the equivalent of 31 full-time staff in the first five months of the year to work on more value-added activities.”

Managing Director, Nation Oil & Gas Producer
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