SSA & Company in Europe

COVID-19 has provided a fundamental shock to the system, changing the dynamics of business. Many existing supply chains have been rendered ineffectual, remote working has become the norm for several functions, and customers and clients have accelerated digital adoption by a decade. This new business environment provides companies with an opportunity to address these barriers to higher productivity.

The European market is experiencing economic slowdown, greater political instability, and ever-increasing regulation. A growing wave of protectionism, data privacy challenges, and an aging workforce challenges confound.

Increasingly mobile citizens continually reallocate human capital and skills, creating new operational challenges. Coupled with a suppressed net migration rate and relatively flat population growth, companies must act strategically.

To be successful, businesses need to rethink their operating model, execution strategy, and customer relationships. Having immediate access to operational and financial data, and understanding key business levers are critical to success.

We leverage our deep and pragmatic Operational Excellence experience along with digital and model building capabilities to provide insights that simplify tasks and drive business improvements. We have helped companies lead projects to increase efficiency & effectiveness, decrease costs, improve working capital, enhance asset management, and reduce complexity to mitigate risk resulting in many multiples ROI.

"SSA & Company helped identify several key operational pain points and found pockets of success through a holistic view of our enterprise and insights from digital leaders. The team helped develop and operationalize an integrated digital strategy across our entire value chain that will prove to be an important fundamental in our long-term success."

Mohamed Elsarky, former Chief Executive Officer, Global Confectionary Company
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