“Insurtech Acquisitions Will Skyrocket” by John Rodgers and Kim Muhota Published in ThinkAdvisor

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Our insurance experts, John Rodgers, and Kim Muhota shared their insights for a recent article in ThinkAdvisor on the growing popularity, and success, of acquisitions in the insurtech space. They reflect on recent industry-wide trends, “Whether it’s a skills gap affecting their technology leaders’ ability to fully grasp emerging technologies, legacy architecture, heavily siloed technology infrastructure, or a corporate culture that does not foster innovation, forward-thinking carriers have recognized that the path of least resistance is partnering with or acquiring insurtechs.”

The pair looked at recent transactions including Prudential Financial and Assurance IQ, Aon and CoverWallet, Bold Penguin and RiskGenius, and more. They describe these recent acquisitions as a tipping point for the industry, “The insurtech mergers and acquisitions engine is just getting revved up — the acquisitions above are just the starting point.” Their article contains an analysis of the lessons learned from each of these transactions, predictions into future acquisition trends for the industry, and other techniques to drive operational improvement.

Read the full article here.

 John Rodgers is Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer



Kim Muhota is Vice President and Head of Financial Services, North America

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