Innovaccer’s New COVID-19 Solution is a Model for the Future

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Innovaccer’s New COVID-19 Solution is a Model for the Future

Every organization has had to act fast to adapt to the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. In times like these, companies have the opportunity to set themselves apart through innovations that address new marketplace realities created by the crisis. Accomplishing this isn’t easy, but digital solutions can help leaders act quickly to create positive change.

While some companies have upped prices on scarce and high-demand medical supplies, others have taken a different route. Healthcare technology leader Innovaccer recently launched its COVID-19 Management System, a technology now being offered free to doctors and healthcare systems around the world. The solution is a web-based app that can be used by a wide range of healthcare professionals to help manage the increased demand for care and other services. This remote digital capability allows medical professionals to provide a high quality of care quickly and easily while reducing the risk associated with in-person visits. The application also serves as a data source for medical professionals and government agencies. This allows for an output of analytics that enables the remote assessment of an individual’s risk profile areas in an effort to monitor and control the spread of the virus.

Widespread adoption of digital technologies like these can help healthcare systems and governments stay ahead of global crises like the coronavirus pandemic. Innovaccer Co-Founder & CEO, Abhinav Shashank, credited the company’s rapid development of the COVID-19 Management System to its strategic use of digital technology.

“The creation of this solution would not have been possible without our experience in developing the Data Activation Platform, our unified patient record,” said Shashank. “We optimized the COVID-19 Management System for mobile and web-based users and use tools like analytics and automation to help our customers better manage patients and workflows.”

How’d they do it?

Cross-functional collaboration and organizational agility also contributed to Innovaccer’s rapid prototyping and launch of its COVID-19 Management System. We spoke with a team member who elaborated on the team’s process for developing a solution. Here were some of her insights:

Initial hypotheses

  • There will be a shortage of screening tests in the US as the number of infected individuals rises exponentially
  • Physicians and care-teams are going to become very busy in treating infected individuals
  • To reduce spread, physicians would like to keep healthy individuals away from clinics and hospitals and proactively identify individuals at high-risk of morbidity so that preventative measures can be taken
  • There will be no time to test a proposed solution due to the intensity of the outbreak

From hypotheses to action

  • Collaboration between product and engineering teams has allowed for unfulfilled needs of healthcare professionals to be remedied while solution systems are simultaneously built
  • Teams working with customers and clinical experts in real time has allowed for continuous improvement of assessment questions, triaging methodology, and workflows, creating a customer-driven solution that works

Companies can model Innovaccer’s approach when tackling challenges that require an immediately viable solution without the benefit of a normal development process. Leveraging the capabilities of your company to create products that consider the needs of people before the bottom line not only contributes to social good but also speaks to the values of your organization. In addition, Innovaccer’s ability to recognize an unmet need in the market and quickly develop a solution is something that all companies should strive to do, both in and outside of a crisis.

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Deb Henretta serves as a Senior Advisor and spearheads SSA & Company’s Digital Transformation Practice.

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