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About Us


Strategy Execution: What we do. How you win. We work with business leaders to execute world-class performance through data. Our philosophy is simple. Faster results and higher ROI. Deliver value by reducing complexity, up-skilling talent, and harnessing “big data”. Decades ago, we created data-driven decision making with companies like GE and Motorola. No one has brought data to the heart of business decisions more than we have. Through our heritage and expertise, we are defining the next generation of “big data” for operations. We create sustainable results that deliver short- and long-term ROI. We tie insights to execution – making data actionable. Our Clients We work with C-Level executives of F500 companies and venture/PE-backed high-growth companies. We align with the priorities of today’s CEOs because we focus on speed and real value creation.

Our Insights, Your Gain


Our network provides exclusive insights from renowned CEOs and business leaders. We compile these insights into playbooks, notebooks and thought papers to share with you. These insights discuss best practices, novel ideas and perspectives culled from discussions with CEOs and thought leaders, including A.G. Lafley, Jack Welch, and Jim Kilts, to name only a few.

Our People


We are a fast-growing, mid-sized firm with big talent. Our leaders are former CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Our team is intentionally diverse in talent. We have decades of experience in strategy, operations, and management consultancy, but also design and data science. While it’s not rare to have a talented, diverse team, seldom does a firm integrate these unique disciplines. We’ve deliberately staffed our business this way so that we can deliver the service we believe in. Our teams bring new lenses across people, process, technology and data. They tackle problems from all angles. They ask hard, provocative questions. Our model allows us to design and deliver the right solutions with superior effectiveness and speed.

Cutting Costs Through Shrink Reduction


Achieving significant and lasting cost savings by changing the way retailers approach the persistent problems of shrink and concealed losses. For an industry where company margins typically hover between 1% and 2%, shrink remains a critical opportunity to enhance company performance and improve the bottom line. While most retailers have tried a variety of tactics to reduce shrink’s monthly toll on profitability, for many it remains a frustrating game of trial and error: some efforts reduce shrink at the cost of losing margin while other techniques compromise sales. After failing to tackle the problem, many managers conclude – wrongly – that high shrink and concealed losses are simply a cost of doing business.   Many shrink reduction efforts fail because they fall victim to four common errors: Lack of a fact-based, data-driven approach Not identifying the real problem Taking an…

A Transformation in Legal Practice: The Legal Roundtable Playbook


This roundtable brought together more than a dozen leading partners of law firms and corporate general counsels to discuss one of the most significant changes in legal practice. Spurred by the approach to legal work launched by DuPont in the early 1990s, both corporate counsels and law firms have been embracing various forms of “the DuPont Legal Model.” The featured guest of the event, Mike Warner, Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel of DuPont, described what it means to bring process improvement and “business discipline” to legal services. The event was moderated by Daniel Casse, President of G100, and hosted by John Rodgers, Senior Managing for SSA & Company. After each event, we develop a Playbook – a selection of observations from the discussion that’s intended to capture the best ideas from experienced business practitioners, linked to a handful…