SSA & Company Celebrates Another Year of Our Employees Giving Back

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At SSA & Company, we value giving back and so do our people. We encourage each of our employees to give back in ways they find meaningful and are proud to grant them additional time off to do so. In honor of National Volunteer Month during the month of April, we spoke with a few of our employees about their recent volunteer experiences, which we have highlighted below.

Thomas Johnson, Director

Thomas volunteers at The Bowery Mission, an organization that serves those currently homeless and/or hungry in New York. He reflects on his experience in the quote below.

“I was fortunate to be able to serve Thanksgiving meals to fellow New Yorkers who have fallen on hard times or, often, are struggling with mental illnesses that prevent them from holding a steady job. We see homelessness every day in the city, but to really connect one-on-one over a Thanksgiving meal, to hear about their lives and future hopes, to swap family stories, it puts a lot of my own life in perspective. I have always come away thinking I’ve gained much more from serving than I actually gave.”

Dan Sears, Director

Dan is the co-founder of Big Slo Running, a non-profit that produces running events with proceeds supporting charities in his local community as well as mission work focused on providing Bio-Sand water filters to communities in Haiti. The organization currently organizes two races per year and is in the process of establishing an additional event in the future. Dan, his wife, and son all volunteer their time to organize these amazing events to support their community and beyond.

Chris Ventry, Vice President

Chris volunteered his time at the Garrison Art Center – a community center located in Garrison, NY that promotes the creation, exhibition, and enjoyment of art. He volunteered during this summer program, where he observed the participating children stretch their imaginations and creativity skills through artistic expression and group projects.

As members of our team continue to volunteer throughout the upcoming year, we look forward to hearing their stories and sharing their experiences.

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