Sachin Sachdeva quoted in Compliance Week, “Rise of the Machines: How AI could Revolutionize Compliance”

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Sachin Sachdeva, Vice President, SSA & Company, was quoted in a Compliance Week article on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in compliance. According to Sachin, companies need to be smart in applying technology to the challenges of compliance as an operations issue – rather than just throwing bodies against them. Sachin also adds that there are basic operational changes that can make the lives of compliance officers easier, including using automation. For example, companies can take something manual and very paper-based and use “natural language processing to automate some of those activities,” which “allows humans to review the most important parts of the document, rather than having to review an entire document.”

Sachin Sachdeva is Vice President at SSA & Company. Read the full article here.

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