Regenia Sanders and Nick Kramer contribute to Supply Chain Digital, “Data Analytics: Changing the Face of Recall Execution and Prevention”

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Regenia Sanders, Vice President at SSA & Company, and Nick Kramer, Senior Director of Data and Analytics at SSA & Company, recently contributed an article to Supply Chain Digital. The piece, titled, “Data Analytics: Changing the Face of Recall Execution and Prevention,” discusses how firms can prevent reputation-damaging recall disasters by effectively using big data. According to Regenia and Nick, a data-driven approach lets companies “more nimbly mitigate the detrimental effect of recall situations, while simultaneously addressing customer concerns and preventing future recalls.

But in order to make investments in big data worthwhile, leaders need planning and execution that enables the organization to interpret and leverage data in real-time to enact real world solutions. Regenia and Nick write, “What matters most is how executives plan to use data in the event of a supply chain disruption. Data insights will not yield their full value if executives lack the training to interpret and leverage data.

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Regenia Sanders is Vice President at SSA & Company.





Nick Kramer

Nick Kramer is Senior Director of Data and Analytics at SSA & Company.

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