Recommerce 2022: How Affordability, Sustainability and Technology are Generating Explosive Growth

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Recommerce trends are not dying down. The industry continues to experience rapid growth as more and more consumers embrace resale and recommerce services. Vice President Chris Ventry is featured in Retail TouchPoints special report,  “Recommerce 2022: How Affordability, Sustainability and Technology are Generating Explosive Growth” where he outlines the various factors driving advances in recommerce and fueling new consumer demand.

Chris outlines the progression of the recommence industry throughout the years, “Recommerce is not new — just think about that visit to a thrift store for that throwback to the ’80s party — but it has benefitted from multiple forces over the last several years. Technological advances and adoption have moved the thrift store, and thus recommerce, into the palm of all our hands. Today’s recommence platforms are easy, engaging and fun to use. It’s as easy as photograph, post and sell an item with your smartphone.”

He continues to explain what he sees fueling the industry and driving new customers to embrace recommence services today, “A year ago, I would have said that the sustainability and environmentally friendly roots of recommerce were rapidly becoming the primary conversion driver, but that calculus has shifted back to historical roots, i.e. the price-value equation. Sustainability as the purchase driver has been trumped by pricing inflation, so we’re back to price being the primary motivator.”

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Chris Ventry serves as a Vice President in the Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods practice at SSA & Company



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