Raj Thangavelsamy quoted in TechTarget piece, “Unstructured data analysis gains importance for businesses”

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Raj Thangavelsamy, Vice President at SSA & Company, was quoted in a TechTarget piece on content management and unstructured data analysis for businesses.

The article shares Raj’s thoughts on the importance of mobility in business processes and the use of software to manage data on the cloud. “Business processes are driven by documents, and mobility is a big driver.” says Raj. He adds, “Companies see the value of the cloud, and enterprise content management is moving to the cloud, too. With that movement, there’s a lot of focus on security and management of data on the cloud. Software tools need to add that layer of security that differentiates itself.”

Read the full article here.


Raj Thangavelsamy serves as Vice President at SSA & Company. 






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