Nick Kramer Interviewed by WWD “Clienteling Takes Fashion Retailers Directly to Shoppers”

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Nick Kramer, Vice President Digital and Analytics was recently interviewed by WWD about new tactics retailers are employing to reach customers during the pandemic. He examines the influence of data on the process of clienteling stating, “Once you have your arms around the data, then you can start taking actions that not only drive a more predictable outcome, but [actions that] generate their own learnings so that the retailer can continue to improve and hone its actions.”

He goes on to explain how using data to get ahead can help retailers compete in an ultra-competitive market saying, “The new market that we’re in is one that everyone has had to up their game. Staying top-of-mind, but above all creating that loyalty, is going to be even more important than ever.”

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Nick Kramer serves as Vice President, Digital – Data & Analytics at SSA & Company


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