Nick Kramer and John Blankenbaker Quoted in Retail TouchPoints “Embrace Behavior-Rich Intent Data To Enhance Marketing, Merchandising And Pricing”

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Nick Kramer, Vice President Digital and Analytics, and John Blankenbaker, Principal Data Scientist, were quoted in a Retail TouchPoints special report on the great potential they see for intent data.

Nick looks at the potential for a highly personalized customer experience stating, “When grouped together, retail marketers can uncover new ways to engage with these shoppers, while extrapolating engagement patterns to better interact with similar audiences.”

John positions intent data as a lens into the mind of a customer expressing, “Intent data is where you see the actual choice set — both in terms of moving up and down the price ladder but also as to which products might be exchangeable in the customer’s mind.”

Both Nick and John agree that companies will win by supplementing their own data with large amounts of purchased and acquired data and that ultimately, intent data is essential to the personalization of the customer experience.

Download the full report here.

Nick Kramer serves as Vice President, Digital – Analytics at SSA & Company



John Blankenbaker serves as the Principal Data Scientist  at SSA & Company

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