Kim Muhota Quoted in CO “Fintech Startups Update the Layaway Concept With Buy-Now-Pay-Later Payment Options”

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Vice President, Financial Services Kim Muhota spoke with CO about fintechs attracting younger customers through Buy-Now-Pay-Later offerings. Kim points out how BNPL offerings have largely become an industry standard, “being able to capture the consumer at the point of need, right when they are checking out of an e-commerce transaction, for example, has become even more seamless.”

He notes that fintechs who have partnered directly with retailers have seen great success, and to keep an eye on upcoming moves made by Amazon that could easily disrupt the BNPL space. “The most likely disruptor in the BNPL space could be Amazon, who commands the lion’s share of e-commerce transactions,” he said. “Offering a BNPL option that is seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience could be an instant game-changer.”

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Kim Muhota, Vice President and Head of Financial Services, North America



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