John Rodgers and Kim Muhota Featured in Insurance Thought Leadership “How COVID Alters Consumer Demands”

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Our insurance experts, John Rodgers, and Kim Muhota, shared their insights for a recent article in Insurance Thought Leadership that examines how the pandemic has shifted consumer trends and how insurers can shift their digital strategies to meet demand. The pair notes new efficiencies in digital transformation that have allowed for timelines to move from years to a matter of months.

They say the insurance industry needs to use these efficiencies to their advantage, explaining, “The need to leverage the ever-improving efficiencies offered by new technologies has become increasingly urgent, as have the variety and efficacy of those new technologies.”

Companies can use digital transformation to accommodate their customers who now have different needs and preferences because of COVID-19. They explain how a shift from focusing on back-office transformation to investing in the digital transformation of client services could be key to success, “…as the world looks toward a post-COVID world, that focus has quickly shifted from back-office efficiency to front-office, customer-facing interaction.”

Read the full article here.

 John Rodgers is Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer



Kim Muhota is Vice President and Head of Financial Services, North America

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