How Capital One Improves Visibility Into Snowflake Costs

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Capital One’s successful commitment to cloud data migration reassures other companies concerned with governance challenges. Vice President Nick Kramer was featured in “How Capital One Improves Visibility Into Snowflake Costs” VentureBeat about Capital One’s partnership with Snowflake and how its first product, Slingshot, helps enterprises manage cloud costs and automate governance.

Nick explains why he believes the program will be a success, “Any Snowflake customer would have to be intrigued by Capital One’s application, particularly for governance. Capital One’s experience in ensuring governance combined with high data volumes, velocity, and privacy, presents a compelling data management value proposition, particularly for medium-sized businesses without the resources to build comparable capabilities. The most promising features we see are the focus on and deep partnership with Snowflake, the modular building blocks for customization, and the governance workflow.”

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Nick Kramer serves as Vice President, Applied Solutions


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