DTC Brands Have Long Been Vocal About the Importance of Sustainability. Is That Enough?

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For direct-to-consumer brands, a simple commitment to sustainability is no longer enough. They now have to think about their impact on the planet from end to end. Vice President Chris Ventry was featured in “DTC Brands Have Long Been Vocal About the Importance of Sustainability. Is That Enough?” for Retail Dive where he shared his input on how things like physical retail play into that consideration for DTC companies.

Chris explains how going above and beyond government guidelines could make a big impact, “Even when not mandated by laws in certain jurisdictions, DTCs could increase their use of recycled corrugated cardboard. There are opportunities for DTCs to further encourage consumers to reuse or recycle packaging.”

He continues to outline his vision for the future of sustainable DTCs, “It’s become clear that factoring in sustainability and eco-friendliness has become not only a differentiator for direct-to-consumer brands, but a necessary part of their operations and planning. Brands that are most successful in this game will use data to make informed decisions about reducing waste. They’ll incorporate green practices into developing new products, including sustainable packaging and raw materials; they’ll design environmental strategy into their stores and operations. DTC brands need to be thinking 360 degrees about their impact on the planet, their customers’ perception of their responsibleness, and the effect on their bottom line of making these changes.”

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Chris Ventry serves as a Vice President in the Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods practice at SSA & Company



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