Bridging the Gap: Buy-Now-Pay-Later Satisfying Shopper’s Needs and Budget

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Buy-Now-Pay-Later offerings are helping to bridge the gap between shopper’s needs and budgets. Vice President Chris Ventry contributed to “Buy Now, Pay Later ABS is More Resilient Than Thought, Believe Sources” in GlobalCapital about the explosive adoption of these payment options by retailers to meet growing customer demand and the impact it is having on the industry.

He reflects how the payment offerings act as a resource to budget-conscious customers, “An interest-free payment cycle on a large purchase will always have appeal to consumers, but budgets and needs do not always align. BNPL can help create this alignment. Thus, satisfying the ‘need’ for a replacement pair of shoes today falls in line with the reality that the consumer may not have budgeted for this expense today.”

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Chris Ventry serves as a Vice President in the Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods practice at SSA & Company



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