A New World of Workforce Management: Using the Right Tech to Respond to Leaner Staffs

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New challenges are still arising for businesses trying to connect with the right talent as the working environment continues to change. In RetailTouchPoints special report, “A New World of Workforce Management: Using the Right Tech to Respond to Leaner Staffs,” Vice President Nick Kramer outlines how to make the most of your organization’s current workforce and offers a look into the future of talent in retail.

Nick outlines his vision for the future, “Newer headwinds, in the form of inflation and a potential economic downturn, promise more of the same, but with perhaps a slightly different flavor. I think the trend toward inflation will definitely reduce the appetite for risk-taking that we’ve seen, so people will be more likely to stay where they are if they feel secure in their position. Of course employers are likely going to have to reduce their workforce as a result of the same economic pressures.”

He continues to explain strategies for retailers looking to succeed, “A wise retailer in this shifting environment would take advantage of the fact that expertise is highly distributed. As the percentage of sales that are driven by ecommerce increases, you have to reconsider how you engage in an e-commerce world. [And you have to ask] what is the role of your expert network? The shift there is in thinking of your workforce as less your full-time employees and more your network of experts.”

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Nick Kramer serves as Vice President, Applied Solutions

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