6 Trends Shaping the Future of BPM

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The use of business process management, or BPM, has recently shifted with the arrival of new tech, tools, and more. Principal Data Scientist, John Blankenbarker, was featured in “6 Trends Shaping the Future of BPM” in TechTarget discussing why he thinks that the arrival of automated process discovery will be the most significant proponent of BPM.

John outlines his vision for the future of BPM, “Building a coherent process map out of a series of events is complex. It is helpful that most business processes are roughly similar. The most significant differences are in how things are named. I expect to see improvements in machine learning techniques that look for recurring patterns to help harmonize different naming conventions across similar processes. This will make it easier to understand how the process works and how to optimize it.”

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John Blankenbaker serves as the Principal Data Scientist  at SSA & Company

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