10 Key ESG and Sustainability Trends for Business, IT

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ESG has become standard practice across nearly every industry, and companies that don’t fully embrace it will be left behind. Managing Director Vinod Prashad was featured in “10 Key ESG and Sustainability Trends for Business, IT” in TechTarget looking at the challenges around capturing ESG-related data and what companies should consider when determining the right KPIs.

Vinod explains challenges surrounding securing ESG data, “The data challenge is significant because ESG-related data is often fragmented within the organization, and external data needs to be procured and co-mingled with internal data sets.”

He continues to describe the key things to consider when determining the right KPIs “There’s limited historical organization experience with ESG KPIs and that in turn calls for a rigorous methodology to determine the right KPIs, identify underlying data sources and perform the necessary data transformations to calculate relevant metrics.”

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Vinod Prashad serves as a Managing Director and leads the Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics practice at SSA & Company.

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