SSA Workshop: Introduction to Advanced Analytics for Big Data

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SSA & Company is excited to announce a one-day workshop on the key concepts of Advanced Analytics for Big Data on Friday, July 8 in London.

david hampton
Workshop Lead
David Hampton

More and more companies are seeing the potential of data to increase the performance of their operations, or to create new value-adding services for their customers. But many are still working out how to harness the power of Big Data, and even in those that have already had some successful implementations, most people don’t know how they can get started in their own area.

For Operational Excellence leaders in particular, Advanced Analytics opens up all sorts of new possibilities to use data to improve business performance.

The purpose of this workshop is to learn the foundations of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, and to discover how to navigate this fast-developing field to make your business more competitive and bring new opportunities for revenue growth. The workshop, led by SSA’s Advanced Analytics Practice Lead, David Hampton, will move briskly through the basics of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, then dive into key areas such as Cleansing Data, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, and Visualisation techniques. At the close of this interactive and hands-on workshop, participants will generate a list of potential applications that are specific to their industry and will help guide towards success in Advanced Analytics.

The SSA Workshop: Introduction to Advanced Analytics for Big Data will take place on 08 July, 2016. Learn more and request an invitation to this unique workshop by visiting: http://www1.g100companies.com/SSA-Workshop-Intro-Advanced-Analytics-for-Big-Data

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