How Training, Change Management Foster Digital Inclusion

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As personal insurance moves toward self-service, insurers should help customers become digitally aware and self-sufficient. Property Casualty 360 published “How Training, Change Management Foster Digital Inclusion”  by Rajeev Aggarwal, Jenny Halim, and John Rodgers, exploring strategies to ensure all customers are equally informed throughout an insurer’s digital transformation journey.

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One way to help insurance customers transition into using digital products is by creating onboarding packages that introduce customers to new applications and features in a friendly and understandable way. Customer service teams should also be adequately trained to provide guidance and instructions for customers who call to request help.

Having a repository of training collateral available for customers to access will help them learn how to use digital solutions. Collateral can include video tutorials, FAQs and instruction sheets. Incorporating usability and accessibility guidelines into the design and creation of training collateral will enhance adoption by customers with needs.

Targeted communications

Ongoing communication is a critical factor in ensuring that customers are kept abreast of changes. Communication frequency should be targeted; it does not serve customers well to get constant updates on all changes.

Instead, aim for periodic updates with meaningful content that can help spur customers into action, such as providing a reminder to review coverages after a qualifying life event or new information on how to perform key tasks like bill pay and coverage access.

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John Rodgers is Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer


Rajeev Aggarwal, Vice President & Head of Financial Services, UK


Jenny Halim, Director

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