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COVID-19 has shocked the retail world.

Retailers and brands can’t expect to simply flip a switch and turn things back on. Tomorrow’s retail “winners” need to reemerge with new operating models, processes, and risk-adjusted plans.

Let SSA & Company help you reemerge prepared for a post-pandemic era.

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Retailers and consumer goods companies confront increasing challenges on multiple fronts. We must create differentiation in a sea of sameness and deliver seamless customer experiences wherever and however customers want to shop. Incumbent brands are losing share in a world of exponential growth in products and brands. Trapped inventory, ineffective promotions, and increasing COGS are driving margin pressure, while ballooning cost structures impact bottom line results.

Thriving in an increasingly competitive landscape requires fresh insights and skills. Winners lean into new business and operating models to unlock growth and shift trajectory. They embrace predictive analytics and horizontal digital know-how as foundational capabilities. They access “new-world” data and information to create advantage and keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations. Success requires enhanced leadership, new capabilities, and cultural agility. In an era of continuous disruption, we partner with leaders to drive lasting growth.

Featured Services & Solutions

Growth Strategy

Develop business plan, create operating models, design customer acquisition strategies, and exploit opportunities in market, channel, and product

Performance Improvement

Identify value levers of enterprise economics, aligning SG&A, reducing COGs, enhancing gross margin, and improving the velocity of working capital. Drive operational excellence across the value chain and use predictive capabilities and analytics to support decision making and speed to results


Design and activate digital strategies, unlocking new potential. Through our Digital Maturity IndexTM, guide clients through digital across the value chain. Infuse horizontal digital excellence into your operating model and culture, driving growth, profit, and capabilities

Organizational Agility

Optimized organizational designs and agile cultures that embrace speed and experimentation. Deploy modern change techniques, upskilled talent, capability building, and training to drive continuous improvement. Help leadership achieve next-generation growth, reduce costs, and build capability through executive alignment

"SSA & Company helped identify several key operational pain points and found pockets of success through a holistic view of our enterprise and insights from digital leaders. The team helped develop and operationalize an integrated digital strategy across our entire value chain that will prove to be an important fundamental in our long-term success."

Mohamed Elsarky, former Chief Executive Officer, Global Confectionary Company

Advisory Board & Featured Team

Our Retail and CPG Advisory Board was formed to help clients drive growth, profits, and capabilities in today’s disruptive environment. Side by side with Council Advisors and SSA leadership, C-suite and executive experience includes such iconic names as, Apple, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Dick’s Sporting Goods, J&J, Macy’s, P&G, PetSmart, Staples, Snap Inc., The Home Depot, Whole Foods/Amazon, among others.

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