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Private equity firms have an unprecedented opportunity to unlock new sources of value and revenue in their portfolio companies, beginning at diligence. Rapid developments in digital tools, advanced analytics, automation, among others, embolden the traditional private equity playbook.

Operating partners that fail to seize this new potential at their portfolio companies leave up to 15-20% EBITDA on the table. The question is no longer “if” but “how” and “where first” portfolio companies can leverage the new playbook to drive efficiencies and innovation for growth.

Market growth is more difficult and treacherous than ever. Added operating complexity and constantly changing needs compound this issue. Unlocking value demands leveraging newly-available insights and quickly operationalizing them. It means effectively combining new data and tools with established techniques to unleash previously unattainable performance improvements.

We typically target 10-35% annualized EBITDA increase, often developing new operating models, harnessing data analytics to achieve better, faster results, increasing asset efficiency, and gaining new insights into markets, customers, products, channels, and pricing.

Featured Services & Solutions

Acquisition Target Identification and Planning

Assessing specific industries, identifying acquisition opportunities, and evaluating strategic viability of potential targets

Operational Due Diligence

Identifying synergy/upside opportunities and carve-out and integration requirements, if needed. Developing implementation roadmaps and identifying risks and mitigation actions

Pre-Close Planning

Driving a more robust definition into integration, carving out and/or upside-delivery requirements, including Day 1 critical activities, synergy plan/upside, clean room analysis, and 100-day target setting

Day 1 Operation

Supporting leadership to operate seamlessly on Day 1, focusing on revenue growth, critical KPI development, and financial target achievement

Synergy/Upside Capture

Developing stakeholder communications plans, refining synergy/upside targets, developing benefit capture plans, and ensuring sustainable change

Exit Strategy

Identifying additional upsides and external growth opportunities, increasing portfolio companies’ potential value after exit

“The SSA & Company team commanded the acquisition and integration with professionalism and interpersonal skills that kept us involved and satisfied while making the portfolio company feel comfortable that its best interests were at heart.”

Operating Partner, Private Equity Firm

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