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In the post-COVID business environment, private equity firms have a unique opportunity to unlock new sources of value in their existing and prospective portfolio companies. Current events have shifted customer and employee behavior to uncover unique operational synergies and revenue opportunities. Rapid developments in digital tools, advanced analytics, remote diagnostics, and automation have augmented traditional private equity playbooks, allowing firms to accelerate their diligence, operational optimization, and decision-making processes.

Operating partners that seize this opportunity can expect 10-20% in additional EBITDA. The question is no longer “if” but “how” and “where first” portfolio companies can leverage new capabilities to exploit opportunities, drive efficiencies, and accelerate innovation for growth.

Market growth remains difficult to achieve with operational complexity and continuously changing markets compounding the issue. Unlocking value in today’s market demands innovative ways to identify and leverage insights, combined with fast, agile execution. It means effectively combining digital capabilities with established operational improvement techniques to unlock previously unattainable performance and synergies.

SSA & Company targets 10-35% in increased annualized EBITDA when working with its private equity clients, often developing new operating models; harnessing data analytics to achieve better, faster results, increasing asset efficiency, and gaining new insights into markets, customers, products, channels, and pricing.

Featured Services & Solutions

CIM Review

Providing financial and operational analysis, organizational effectiveness assessment, strategic alignment review, upside business case hypotheses generation, competitive benchmarking, risks and mitigation identification, implementation assessment

Operational Due Diligence

Assessing current state of core people, process, technology, and digital components of the business, site visits & evaluation, LEAN capabilities & maturity assessment, organizational structure & census review, financial analysis & benchmarking, executive & key staff interviews & evaluations, future state & upside scenario generation, risk & mitigation identification, business case creation & investment thesis refinement (EBITDA, cash flow, operations, and organizational impacts)

Pre-Close & Day 1 Planning

Planning and readiness planning for Post-Close and Day 1 priorities; 100-day plan, critical workstream definition & prioritization, synergy target & key performance indicator definition, business case tracking, and organizational change readiness

100-Day Sprint

Enabling client team mobilization, quick hit implementation, accelerated LEAN implementation for critical processes, execution of initial organizational changes, business case & key performance indicator tracking

Business Transformation

Leading core operational improvement & LEAN transformation implementation, digital acceleration, organizational consolidation & shared service implementation, supply chain & vendor optimization, organizational optimization & rationalization, management control, and reporting

Exit Strategy

Identifying additional upside and external growth opportunities to increase portfolio company value post-exit

“The SSA & Company team commanded the acquisition and integration with professionalism and interpersonal skills that kept us involved and satisfied while making the portfolio company feel comfortable that its best interests were at heart.”

Operating Partner, Private Equity Firm

Featured Private Equity Team

SSA & Company’s Private Equity team members have over 75 years of combined experience leading, advising, and investing at firms including Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., Castling Group, CCMP Capital Advisors, Centerbridge Partners, Cerberus Capital Management, Firelight Capital Partners, General Atlantic Partners, Hamilton Lane, J.H. Whitney Capital Partners, Macquarie Group, and Platinum Equity.

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