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Industrial manufacturers face an increasing scale of multidirectional challenges. Unlocking growth requires new approaches, tools, and techniques. Companies that fail to respond to the new reality are destined for obsolescence.

The stakes for industrials and infrastructure companies are higher than ever. To unlock value, leading companies continually assess operations as a lever to increase growth, profits, and returns. With the speed of technology improvements and disruptions as well as changing marketplace dynamics, it is critical for companies to keep pace.

Thriving companies build advanced operating models that take advantage of new data sources, including advanced sensor technology, the Internet Of Things, and automation to meet greater customer and shareholder expectations. They use the velocity of change for strategic benefit.

We work with companies directly and through private equity partnerships to help them maximize growth and ROI.

Featured Services & Solutions

Lean Operations

Transforming the enterprise by assessing, creating, and executing work plans to drive operational improvements as a lever to increase profits and returns

Consolidation & Shared Services

Identifying key enterprise and function consolidation as well as digitization opportunities, efficiencies, and overall value that maximize ROI

MCR (Management, Control, & Reporting)

Tapping a blend of traditional and digital real-time reporting tools to align all levels of the organization, ensuring resources are constantly focused on the same goal


Delivering optimum cost base and service levels by developing an outsourcing approach, whether it’s a simple make versus buy decision or an entire outsourcing strategy

Resource, Labor & Asset Management

Deploying resource and asset management methodologies to continually optimize labor productivity and maximize efficiency, enabling a real-time and predictive view of asset conditions

Asset Rationalization

Leveraging real-time and non-traditional data to create asset strategies as a critically important lever in cost control, helping maximize ROI

"The SSA & Company team was engaging, patient, professional, determined, and easy to work with. They provided valuable insight and oversight to the project. Excellent attention to our company’s needs with no shortage of commitment to meeting the project goals and moving us in the right direction."

Head of Engineering, $1B Manufacturer

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