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Today’s new and unforeseen healthcare concerns place Industrial manufacturers in a never experienced situation. How quickly you adapt your operations and ways of working while keeping your employees and customers safe are a few of the challenges required to return to profitability, let alone grow your business.

In what is an already new abnormal, companies need to rethink their execution strategy, operating models, supply chains, and customer relationships, to profitably drive growth and improve EBITDA. The decisions required by companies to navigate these times will have a significant and lasting impact on the sustainability of future performance and potential viability.

In these complex situations, successful companies need to take advantage of digital techniques and artificial intelligence. Gathering and analyzing their operational and financial data to link and understand their key business levers and how they drive EBITDA performance.

SSA & Company has developed an agile/sprint approach to define these linkages enabling a 10-35% EBITDA Improvement to help maximize growth, efficiency, and returns on investment.

Featured Services & Solutions

100 Day Sprint

Providing an accelerated operational assessment, team mobilization, quick hit execution, LEAN implementation for critical processes, execution of critical organizational changes, establishing a business case & key performance indicator tracking

Lean Operations

Using LEAN concepts to transform core operations and drive sustainable improvement; continuously improving processes by eliminating inefficiencies; using digital solutions to accelerate change

Organizational Consolidation & Shared Services

Reorganizing and consolidating like functions to gain significant scale and process efficiencies

Supply Chain & Vendor Optimization

Lowering cost while increasing service levels by optimizing key supply chain components and rationalizing third party vendors

Resourcing, Labor & Asset Management

Optimizing labor productivity, maximizing asset efficiency, and establishing real-time, predictive analytics and digital solutions

Digital Acceleration

Leveraging digital solutions and artificial intelligence to access and catalog data-driving operational and financial results

"The SSA & Company team was engaging, patient, professional, determined, and easy to work with. They provided valuable insight and oversight to the project. Excellent attention to our company’s needs with no shortage of commitment to meeting the project goals and moving us in the right direction."

Head of Engineering, $1B Manufacturer

Featured Industrials & Infrastructure Team

Our team helps industrial manufacturers unlock value. With boardroom and C-suite experience at Ford, General Electric, Bway, Artesyn, Heritage Environmental Services, Leading Edge Aviation, Litton Industries, Northrop Grumman, and Array Marketing we help clients maximize growth and ROI.

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