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Financial services firms face uncharted challenges and unprecedented opportunities. Digital transformation has dramatically altered how companies unlock growth, and thriving today necessitates a new approach.

Contradictory forces of increased cost and complexity of regulation with the need to drive lower costs to the core business and invest in new technologies and customer interfaces necessitate rethinking corporate strategy and how to bring it to life.

The road to sustained growth is more difficult than ever. New market entrants constantly threaten the status quo. New tools and technology dramatically impact the velocity of change. Yet companies who take a holistic view and operationalize a contemporary strategy that pulls the right levers at the right time can sustain success. This strategy means tapping new operating models to build agility, enhanced digital and analytics capabilities to create advantage, and change led by business leadership.

Over 15 years, our financial services clients have reaped billions of dollars of benefits from our projects spanning sales, service, and operations. Our expertise includes asset banking, insurance, asset management, among others.

Featured Services & Solutions

Operating Model Design

Developing an operating model with multiple dimensions: processes, work structure, people and talent, technology and data, and governance and accountability

Cost-to-Serve Analytics

Building a view of profitability by client to enable firms to focus on their key areas of growth

Enterprise Consolidation & Relocation (EC&R)

Helping firms assess their readiness for change, examining different location and future state strategies, and defining the execution playbook

Operational Excellence

Improving end-to-end flow of operations to drive efficiency and effectiveness driven by the voice of the customer while also embedding a process improvement culture that enables sustainment

Digital Design and Advanced Analytics

Operationalizing key data points and driving back office process automation while using advanced analytics to propel a digital first strategy and innovation

Operationalizing Regulatory Change

Helping firms operationalize regulations while maintaining the appropriate balance between cost of compliance and risk exposure

"The SSA & Company team members are all highly-knowledgeable, insightful, and added immeasurable value for the senior management team. These are highly-proficient business people who consistently offer tangible and actionable input. Before knowing them, I was highly skeptical of consultants from personal past experience. I respect this company and every member of its team."

Bill Curcio, Chairman, Risk Management

Featured Financial Services Team

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