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Energy companies face unprecedented challenges, including growing geopolitical uncertainty, industry consolidation and transformation, and the rise of sensors collecting petabytes of data. Companies seeking to thrive must dramatically transform and take a new approach.

While challenging to navigate, the new landscape presents enormous opportunities to build competitive advantage for those who effectively integrate these developments into a corporate strategy and effectively operationalize it.

This requires companies to understand their roadmap of prioritized improvement opportunities necessary to drive growth and profitability.

We help energy companies capitalize on the new reality afforded by the uncertain landscape. We work with companies in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. We’ve helped companies lead projects to increase efficiency, improve working capital, enhance asset management, reduce complexity, and mitigate risk.

Featured Services & Solutions

Production Optimization

Assessing production against people, processes, data, and technology defines the production optimization roadmap and quantifies the benefits

Accelerating Decision Making

Accessing and presenting real-time data to accelerate decision-making and improving operating performance

Predictive Maintenance

Improving foundational maintenance processes and incorporating real-time data to identify previously unknown modes of equipment failure, unlocking greater uptime


Driving a more robust turnaround planning process by identifying and assessing key risks requiring mitigation, developing KPIs and corresponding targets, ensuring resources are defined, and measurable project plans are established

Contractor Management

Helping clients understand key measures to manage all aspects of contractor performance and optimizing their service level agreements

"The SSA & Company team is extremely good and led the shift in performance by directly involving themselves with work teams, which has been very effective in helping us reach our goals"
Senior Vice President, Oil & Gas Provider

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