SSA & Company in Middle East – GCC

The Middle East’s shift from primarily oil-driven economies to diversified, sophisticated, and information-driven has forced companies to act. Regional consumers have rapidly embraced digital and built extensive digital capabilities. Yet companies and governments lag, further amplifying the gap between consumers’ expectations and companies’ output.

Several early adopters have leapfrogged legacy systems and rapidly digitized, leaving competitors in their wake. As organizations rush to fill the growing gap, they face considerable challenges. Complexity of adoption, inability to effectively scale, poor information governance, among others. Geopolitical and socioeconomic issues confound this dynamic, further adding complexity.

SSA & Company works with major Middle Eastern companies and global organizations with a Middle East presence to transform their operations for lasting impact.

We have significant regional experience and understand the cultural nuances of doing business in the Middle East. Areas we serve include, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

"I always felt that I could discuss openly with SSA & Company if we were facing challenges, and they would work with me to get the best solution in place. As such, SSA & Company has been very accommodating with our particular needs, given the challenges of the Saudi working environment."
LEAN Practitioner, Multinational Oil Company
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