SSA & Company in Europe

The disparate adoption of digital in Europe is fueling the rise of disjointed, parallel economies and sectors. The gap between digital laggards and digital leaders widens daily. Digital leaders continue to amplify their reach and influence while rapidly capturing scale from slower moving legacy companies.

While the single market creates numerous efficiencies, cultural and skills gaps cause added complexities. A growing wave of protectionism, data privacy challenges, an aging workforce, and geopolitical challenges confound.

Increasingly mobile citizens continually reallocate human capital and skills, creating new operational challenges. Coupled with a suppressed net migration rate and relatively flat population growth, companies must act strategically.

SSA & Company works with major European companies as well as global organizations with European presence to transform their businesses and deliver lasting results.

Fueled by decades of on-the-ground regional experience and advised by Dr. Alexander Quack-Grobecker, we have a deep understanding of the culture and business context that allows companies to thrive.

"SSA & Company helped identify several key operational pain points and found pockets of success through a holistic view of our enterprise and insights from digital leaders. The team helped develop and operationalize an integrated digital strategy across our entire value chain that will prove to be an important fundamental in our long-term success."
Mohamed Elsarky, former Chief Executive Officer, Global Confectionary Company
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