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At SSA & Company, our values, relationships, and people drive everything we do. Learn more about how we foster diversity, embrace inclusion, and encourage community participation.


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Our Culture

SSA & Company’s most important and valuable asset is its people. We are a cross-generational, multi-national, and cross-cultural team of inquisitive and kind leaders. We provide a workplace environment that allows for our colleagues to be their 100% authentic selves. We are committed to employing a culturally diverse workforce and are focused on continual training to help our teammates become inclusive leaders. Embedded in our core values is Respect & Strong Relationships both within SSA & Company and with our clients, but also within our communities. We support our colleagues’ commitment to giving back to the communities in which they work and live.

Company Values:

Clients at the core
Respect and strong relationships
Expert problem-solving
Accountability for results
Transparency and trust
Exponential results

Culture Committee

Ensuring that the SSA & Company culture is continually fostered is the task of the Culture Committee. Our Culture Committee is led by a representative group of our colleagues ranging from New Hires to Leadership. The current Co-Leaders are Reuben Brown, Director and Chris Ventry, VP.

“SSA & Company has fostered an environment for colleagues to collaborate across teams to successfully deliver projects while enabling the ability to learn from extremely experienced individuals across industries and disciplines. Accepting new challenges and navigating changing business conditions has been more enjoyable knowing I don’t have to figure out everything on my own.”

Reuben Brown
Senior Director

"SSA & Company has a great culture with friendly and humble colleagues, accessible leadership, and frequent opportunities for professional growth. We hire great people who take pride in delivering high-quality work product for clients again and again."

Tricia Madden
Vice President, HR

"The word most frequently heard when my colleagues and I describe the culture is 'collaborative'. A true and tangible sense of collaboration flows through SSA & Company, where colleagues and teammates are quick to offer support on both project and internal company work.”

Chris Ventry
VP, CPG and Retail

Our People

SSA & Company’s culture, as described by our own employees, is: Collaborative, Transparent, Diverse, Innovative, Friendly, Fun, and Humble.

A Transformational Employment Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every facet of our lives and business operations—including onboarding new employees. Our culture is a significant part of what employees enjoy about working here and starting a new job in a remote environment can be a challenging experience. We were confident that we could adapt to a meaningful digital and virtual experience for summer interns, executives, and everyone in between.

We gathered reflections from our summer interns and G100 Companies rotational analysts about taking part in a virtual program.

"I had no idea what to expect when it came to onboarding virtually but the team at SSA & Company has made me feel so welcomed and valued. Even just a month in, I'm starting to build relationships with people that I genuinely enjoy interacting with. I'm excited to continue learning and growing with my fellow analysts."

Business Analyst

"Going into the program I was most worried about being underutilized – I was worried that I wouldn’t feel like I was part of a team. That didn’t end up happening. I felt like I could provide value and be part of the team right away. I felt like I connected with the team – I enjoyed getting to know them – and I was still able to get a good sense of the culture (even if I wasn’t physically a part of it)."

Summer Associate

"I was nervous about the impact of COVID-19 and what this meant for starting my career. My experience thus far has greatly exceeded my expectations, and the people here have me made feel at home right away. While I have not had the pleasure of meeting many of my colleagues in person, the nature of the program has allowed me to meet both professionally and socially with the majority of the company. Everyone has been very welcoming and accessible to me for advice and questions, whether it be on project work or in regards to professional development."

Business Analyst

"I got a sense of the culture when I first came into the office for an interview back in March, but once I started, I was surprised at how great the culture actually is and how much that came across virtually. It was easy to connect with everyone through the intern socials and all hands calls. I had never met my peer mentor in person before, but I was still able to form a great relationship with her. Everyone was so helpful and kind. I knew that it would be a great experience, but it was even better than I expected."

Summer Intern

"When I was first told that I’d begin my career remotely, I didn’t know what to expect. Now, I have discovered that though we are working virtually, I am still able to connect with my team members, build relationships, and add value. The remarkable culture at SSA & Company emanates through the computer screen, and I can honestly say that I’ve had a seamless acclimation to the firm, despite the unprecedented nature of our communication."

Business Analyst

"Familiarizing myself with communicating and collaborating virtually was a great learning experience. The only difference I could tell (from in-person) was that there was more flexibility. I was able to accomplish the same quality/quantity of material as I did at previous in-person internships. Everyone speaks about how flat the organization here is, and that was really true in my experience. Everyone was really open to answering my questions – I never felt intimidated asking anyone for anything."

Summer Intern

Life at SSA & Company

Embedded in our core values is ‘Respect & Strong Relationships.’ We strive to embody these values not only within our company culture but with our clients and communities.

SSA Volunteers

In partnership with The JoyJ Initiative, employees across G100 Companies assembled and distributed comfort bags filled with much needed basic supplies and food to the homeless in Midtown and Harlem.

Team Building

Even in the "New Abnormal" our team works on building connections with one another through Social Hours and other virtual gatherings.

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