At SSA & Company, we are always on the lookout for smart and creative problem solvers to join our talented, diverse team. Our “been there, done that” experts come from a wide range of geographic and industry backgrounds. They bring decades of unique expertise, extending from advanced analytics and digital technology to organizational design and operations.

If you are looking to join, and grow with, an innovative, global firm that fosters professional development and career advancement, we want to talk to you.

Our Diversity
Working Here
Company Culture

Working at SSA & Company

Talent is the only true, lasting source of competitive advantage. That’s why we firmly believe in investing in our people. SSA & Company team members get a firsthand look into the mindset and aspirations of influential senior executives. Each SSA & Company team member contributes to the unique value we provide clients.

Diversity at SSA & Company

SSA & Company's team represents the diverse issues we work on and the diverse members we serve. Some of us are former Fortune 500 C-suite executives. Others come from grassroots nonprofits. Others come from public policy. More come from multinationals. We come together to best serve our members.

Our Team's Perspective

"What I love about working at SSA & Company is the culture—collegial and ambitious, quantitative and creative—and that the culture is reflected in the way we create customized solutions that drive results by operationalizing insights. That relentless drive for positive change, grounded by our heritage of data-centricity, excites me every day and makes me proud to be part of what SSA & Company is doing."

Nick Kramer
Vice President

“Everyone at SSA & Company is focused on exceeding client expectations…all the time. We have some of the best minds and talent working with clients to solve the pressing issues of the day. The talent, energy, and enthusiasm is contagious.”

Fred Asbeck
Vice President

“SSA & Company has provided me the opportunity to quickly learn and gain exposure across a variety of industries and businesses, including: healthcare, financial services, private equity due diligence, manufacturing, retail, and CPG. Not only have I been able to enhance my skills as a consultant through the firm’s competitive client base and analytics-driven focus, but the people at SSA & Company have made this firm an intelligent, thought-provoking, and fun environment to work in.”

Cathy Ficek
Former SSA & Company Director

“SSA & Company provided me the opportunity to gain experience across multiple industries (including healthcare, private equity, industrials, and financial services), lead international projects, and shape the culture of the firm through internal committees and new hire recruiting. Working with top clients on some of the most complex issues with an innovative and driven team allowed me to grow as a consultant.”

Erica Mills
Former SSA & Company Director
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