Automation for Rapid Results

SSA & Company’s Automation for Rapid Results is a partnership with Roots Automation that produces automation that is implemented in less than six weeks and starts delivering benefits in less than six months.


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Benefits of Automation for Rapid Results

Persistent global issues and a time of economic uncertainty are forcing companies to accelerate many aspects of their business—including their digital transformations—in order to lower costs and improve margins. Luckily, applications and systems are advancing at a greater pace than in years past allowing the move to digital to come at a lower cost across a shorter timeline. At the core of this transformation is automation.

Automation allows for:

  • Rapid ROI
  • Greater productivity, process quality, and data accuracy
  • Ability to scale/flex capacity to meet demand
  • Reduced dependencies on IT

Each automation opportunity is evaluated using cost, productivity, quality, and velocity, to qualify and prioritize what is fit to be automated with the goal of generating cash and near-term bottom-line benefits while accelerating a scalable foundation. The Automation for Rapid Results program provides immediate benefit while building out the business case, action plan, and roadmap to help executives meet their business goals.

SSA & Company’s experience within other firms and expertise in automation combined with Roots Automation’s pre-trained, self-learning bots enable us to deliver the ’best fit’ solution to minimize additional cost required and accelerate value creation.


Accounting and finance work is filled with processes that are ideal for automation. Automation for Rapid Results can transform financial reporting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and master data management to provide improved accounting accuracy and quality, lower SG&A costs, and improved EBITDA.

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Automation can help Chief Operating Officers focus their manpower where it is needed most. By automating performance reporting, inventory management, logistics and supply chain, procurement, and customer support, COOs can improve EBITDA and data quality while reducing cycle time with greater process quality and accuracy.

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Human Resources departments often have a multitude of standard procedures for things like employee onboarding and separation that can benefit from automation. Implementing solutions such as internal chatbots and automated employee onboarding and account termination can provide CHROs with cost and time reductions in their departments.

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Results-Driven Execution

  • Reduce Cost & Processing Times
    Automation and orchestration software perform rules-based processes and execution 24/7/365 – no breaks or vacations
  • Improve Process Quality & Data Accuracy
    Remove the possibility of human error. Provide great service without heroics and constant crisis.
  • Exponentially Scale Capacity to Meet Demand
    Volume-driven processes will more easily absorb new business; spikes from seasonal processes won’t demand new staff

  • Improve Integration with Other Systems
    Automate sharing of automation across systems. Put data to work to drive better decisions across the business.
  • Enhance Metrics and Process Auditability
    Process metrics yield better insight with a full record of the process performed. Each decision performed by the software is documented and auditable.

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