Enhancing the Customer Journey to Unlock Value

“Customer Journey Mapping” heightens awareness of untapped potential. We leverage digital tools, a wide range of analytics, and a host of experiential-based consulting methods to understand the customer path to purchase … or not purchase. We help our clients understand the value levers that improve satisfaction, drive innovative solutions, tackle inefficiencies, and remove conversion roadblocks. We ruthlessly focus on the customer experience and improve how you support them, drive stickiness, and increase profitability.

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Customer Interactions

  • Measure customers’ satisfaction at each step of their journey using CX technology
  • Improve interactions between your organization and customers based on CSAT feedback

Enhance Communication

  • Convert information and data into a digestible visual story
  • Drive communication and alignment using innovative technology leading to transparency between your organization and customers

Operational & Process Improvements

  • Identify opportunities by targeting gaps and bottlenecks in the experience model
  • Target technology deficiencies and opportunities for digital transformation to create an improved process
  • Adjust and optimize processes and customer touch points to align with the unique journey and expectations

Customer Expectations

  • Compare customers’ initial expectations of the brand with the reality of how they are being serviced through analytics
  • Analyze customer retention rates

Optimize Data and Analytics

  • Utilize external analytics to uncover trends and consumer demands and assesses marketing efforts through CRM data
  • Data mine to develop a historical financial baseline to reveal seasonality and YoY trends

Lifecycle Management

  • Track how customers navigate through internal lifecycles: marketing plans, sales, services, support, etc.
  • Assess opportunities to improve and expedite the customer buying process

Drive Decision-Making

  • Leverage the stakeholders’ full view and touch points to drive decisions
  • Improve efficiency for internal teams and the customers

Omnichannel Marketing

  • Create a model to activate strategic change necessary to achieve significant YoY growth
  • Implement innovative operational changes to maintain future initiatives
  • Institute in-depth competitive analyses

Manage Growth

  • Visualize the customer interaction with an organization through all channels
  • Encourage user-driven marketing opportunities

Proven Results

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