Mergers & Acquisitions

Leaders have developed a laser focus on maximizing results from acquisition growth strategies during these lower single digit GDP times, developing discerning habits that will endure long after the global downturn recovers. With valuations at high levels, capturing synergy and optimizing the value created from a merger is crucial. Historically, a high percentage of mergers fail to achieve expectations due to lack of execution.

In a world where 70+% of change initiatives fail, 95+% of SSA’s programs succeed. We have experience in acquisitions, carveouts, divestitures, and “buy and build.” We focus on identifying higher value and accelerating synergy capture.

SSA & Company puts its clients’ commercial, operational, and organizational goals at the core of its integration program to ensure synergy realization and retention of key customers, suppliers, and employees. While the management focuses on pre-close activities such as financial analysis, negotiation, financing, and HSR divestiture; the integration team builds the implementation structure and plans that will expedite post-close decision-making and synergy results.

Service offerings

In many cases, our consultants are engaged alongside both the buyer and seller’s teams from even before their first formal contact, assisting in every stage of the transaction including: assessing specific industries, identifying opportunities, and evaluating the strategic viability

Acquisition Target Identification and Planning:

  • Assessing specific industries, identifying opportunities, and evaluating the strategic viability

Operational Due Diligence and Integration Requirements:

  • Conducting financial assessment and functional comparative analyses
  • Assessing both management teams’ skills and capabilities
  • Benchmarking field operations to establish a firm grasp on a target’s potential synergy value
  • Identifying integration risks and developing mitigation plans
  • Developing a roadmap for successful data-driven value creation

Pre-close Integration Planning:

  • Driving a more robust definition into integration requirements, including Day 1 critical activities, implementation plan, synergy plan, and 100-day target setting
  • Clean room analysis techniques are typically employed to accelerate Day 1 synergy planning around critical confidential supplier and customer information during this phase
  • Developing stakeholder communications plan
  • Establishing a stand-up Integration Management Office
  • Refining synergy targets and developing synergy capture plans, including “quick wins”
  • Developing top-level Organization Structure
  • Establishing baseline and benefit evaluation frameworks
  • Refining one-time investment requirements (capital and resources) and cash flow forecast

Day 1 Integration and Synergy Capture:

  • Managing the newly combined entity to operate seamlessly on Day 1, with a focus on critical items such as customer revenue retention, 100-day synergy capture, new organization implementation, and financial target achievement
  • Implementing new organization and change management processes
  • Installing integrated performance management systems (MCR) and synergy benefits tracking
  • Aligning incentives / compensation to program targets for senior management
  • Developing enterprise optimization roadmap

Operational Excellence:

  • Once synergy is captured and the organization is stable, we then work with management to implement the optimum operational model that produces long-term competitive advantage, including:
    • Filling capability gaps, including digital and analytics
    • Rationalizing facilities, assets, customers, products, channels, and pricing
    • Re-aligning sales force and territories
    • Optimizing G&A and migrating to shared services organization
    • Driving process excellence (Lean Sigma / OEE)
    • Optimizing supply chain and implementing strategic sourcing
    • Integrating Sales and Operations Planning
    • Establishing Continuous Improvement program
    • Managing selection and implementation of enabling technology


Selected Client Impact Stories:

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