Data and Analytics

At SSA, we are helping companies drive ROI by making data actionable. We are the original proponent of data-driven decision making. We understand how to take data to insights, and insights to action.

We believe insights without actions are meaningless—so we apply our deep expertise in strategy execution to ensure data delivers ROI. Most companies’ current reporting methodologies rely on static data that is out of date and irrelevant by the time it reaches the decision maker. We shift companies from Reactive to Predictive analytics by collecting and analyzing real-time information and distributing it across the organization— allowing management to make better, faster decisions that move the business forward.

We employ a three-step process to get the most out of data.

  • The first step—managing data. We understand how to manipulate data into a useable structure. We favor open-source tools like Hadoop, but work with IT to determine the right stack; unlike competitors, we do not push proprietary solutions but use the best-in-class tools available for problem we’re solving.
  • The second step—driving data to insight. Once data is ready, we apply advanced analytics to drive actionable insights. Importantly, we prioritize not what is the hardest data problem, but what will actually drive results.
  • The third (crucial) step—driving insights to actions. We do more than just present theoretical solutions—we use data combined with process, people, and technology to implement solutions that are actionable, robust, repeatable, and enterprise ready.

For our Data and Analytics offering, we provide solutions along three main areas.

Data Strategy

  • A technology stack does not equal a data strategy. We believe even companies that make large investments in data don’t know the why. In building a data strategy, we help companies:
    • understand and formulate the KPIs that have the most impact to the business
    • evaluate people, process, and the technology that enable data-driven decision making
    • architect short- and long-term plans to take advantage of new tools and technologies
    • assess strategic partnership opportunities

Data Project Execution

  • With the exponential growth of data, drawing insights and ultimately taking action on the deluge of data is no easy feat. To that end, we help companies implement data projects along:
    • Data Mining: Analysis of large quantities of data to uncover interesting patterns
    • Predictive Analytics: Insight, not hindsight; forecast & prepare for future events
    • Data Visualization: Gain operational and business level visibility through cutting-edge pattern recognition and advanced BI tools

Data Training

  • We enable companies to take advantage of data by teaching business analysts and managers the “art of the possible,” giving them the tools to run data projects and drive data to insight to action.
    • Our programs span the spectrum from 1-day awareness courses to get business leaders comfortable with data techniques, tools and methodologies all the way to 4-week courses meant for power analysts
    • Our courses focus on applying new data-driven techniques to tackle the most critical business issues: cutting costs, outperforming competitors, and improving the bottom line

Selected Client Impact Story:

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How do you use data to your advantage? How do you use analytics to drive results? At SSA, we harness Big Data to help our clients realize greater insights which lead to more efficient and effective action.

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