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We help IT organizations proactively support their business partners by providing technology improvement tools and services necessary to quickly grow and succeed in the marketplace. Our combination of deep operations and IT expertise ensures that both IT and the business quickly achieve outcomes that support the company’s growth agenda, improve customer experience and enhance organizational performance.

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Our Business Technology solutions include:

Lean IT: Doing More with Less Technology Expenditure

Our Lean IT service enables organizations to deliver more effective and efficient IT services at a lower cost. Through the application of proven Lean methodologies, combined with our deep technology experience, we drive results that improve IT processes, reduce waste and increase IT throughput. Strategic intent and process discipline drives our work. We focus on real value generation, through the use of key metrics required for high-performing organizations, and by fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

ERP Value Recapture: Maximizing the Return on Existing ERP Investments

Our ERP Value Recapture solution uses a fast-cycle, proprietary assessment tool (4-weeks discovery) that allows us to uncover issues that lead to suboptimal performance. Our assessment takes a holistic view of business operations and IT, and cuts across five different dimensions: business process, adoption, data quality, reporting and technology. Based on this diagnostic, we identify the highest-impact opportunities for quickly extracting value from already implemented systems. Our ERP Value Re-Capture shifts the performance curve of the business, improves the utility of ERP systems, and increases the return on investments already made.

ERP Value Assurance: Improving Value Delivery and Implementation Success for Business/IT Transformation Projects

Large-scale technology undertakings require the right software selection and planning coupled with sustainable governance and metrics. These implementations must also strike a balance between process and technology, requiring increased collaboration between the business and IT. We help close the gap between business operations and IT, and assure project success by:

  • Optimizing business process prior to introducing new technology
  • Aligning long-term business strategy and with application strategy, including rapidly gaining Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • Aligning Business and IT to a common goal
  • Establishing accountability and performance metrics

Our Value Assurance service includes software selection & sourcing, business case development, program management, requirements management, business process improvement, upgrade planning and cloud migration. We partner with companies at any stage in an implementation lifecycle – bringing IT and the business to the same team, and guaranteeing that organizations capture maximum value and business benefits.

Technology Due Diligence and Integration

As a key enabler for growth, technology capability plays a crucial role in the consideration for potential acquisition targets for private equity firms. Likewise, complexity and hidden cost can derail the growth agenda post acquisition. Cloud computing and mobility innovations provide greater opportunity for rapid growth if applied properly.

We help PE firms understand technology, people and organizational capabilities at potential acquisition targets, and identify opportunities that enable IT performance improvements to support the company’s growth plan.

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